We Are A Nature-Based Investment
and operating company with a focus on speed and scale essential in a successful outcome to the world’s current ecological predicament
Visi kami
reducing carbon emissions through nature based solutions that validate nature as a capital asset at speed and scale
Misi kita
is to accelerate global CO2 net zero by focusing on the global ecosystem’s cost of abatement sweet spot – improved land use and associated value chains across large scale areas, addressing social-economic benefits
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Kemitraan untuk Dampak

Kami memahami pentingnya kolaborasi. Tim kami berkolaborasi dengan pemerintah, organisasi, dan komunitas lokal termasuk kelompok masyarakat adat (IPG) untuk menciptakan perubahan yang lebih luas dan berdampak. Bersama-sama, kita menjalin kemitraan yang membawa perbedaan.


Nature-Based Solutions with Scale

Our NBS is safeguarding and improving carbon storage and sequestration to propel the world to net zero CO2 and net positive biodiversity. Our projects ecosystem services are measured, validated and enhanced as capital assets to be successfully managed on behalf of host partners in a holistic manner. These are a grossly undervalued asset class and comprise the essence of ecology and Mother Nature herself: community empowerment, biodiversity, hydrology in a circular economy as a function of land use productivity improvement with ecosystem services internally priced not ignored in Old Age industrial practice.

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