BKJ assina cooperação para projeto de baixo carbono em Kaltara


JAKARTA – The North Kalimantan Provincial Government (Kaltara) is increasingly intensifying its commitment to climate-resilient low-carbon development. 

Located in Jakarta on Monday (7/8/2023), the Kaltara Provincial Government through the Regional Owned Enterprise (BUMD) PT Benuanta Kaltara Jaya (BKJ) signed a cooperation agreement (CA) regarding the implementation of emission offsets as part of a low-carbon development program with Global Eco Rescue (GER) Lestari.

President Director of PT BKJ Akil Wijaya said the signing of this CA was carried out as a first step in the form of commitment to support Kaltara BUMD as one of the key actors in the low-carbon development program and the achievement of Enhanced NDC (ENDC) in Indonesia.

“We hope that the signing of CA with GER Lestari can be a good step to support emission offset schemes and the applied form of low-carbon development in Indonesia, especially in East Kalimantan. In addition, we hope that the program can advance the rural economy in mangrove and peat ecosystems in East Kalimantan, preserve biodiversity, and improve the community welfare,” said Akil. 

On that occasion, Director of Global Eco Rescue Lestari Marthin Billa hoped that this program could support the goals of the Kaltara Provincial Government in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the FOLU sector and support the achievement of village SDGs in line with the latest policy developments on the Economic Value of Carbon (NEK) through a series of collaborative activities at the site level, which is planned to start in September 2023. 

“We hope this activity can support the achievements of the ENDC of the Kaltara Provincial Government, as well as the Government of Indonesia to reduce GHG emissions. If there are no obstacles, activities will start in September this year.” 

Furthermore, Marthin explained that the activity would begin with the socialization of the cooperation program between the Kaltara Provincial Government, PT BKJ, and GER Lestari in more than 150 villages in mangrove and peat ecosystem landscapes in East Kalimantan. (GERL)

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