Who We are

Inclusive work creates a powerful impact.

We are a nature-based investment and project developer with a strong emphasis on speed and scale. We strive for success in addressing the urgent environmental challenges of the world through three key factors.
Sustainable management and protection
Global Eco Rescue relies on a powerful combination of restoration, sustainable management and protection. This approach means we prevent further carbon emissions, actively grow & enhance important ecosytems as capital assets.
Carbon reduction with forethought
Our carbon reduction units are positioned in the voluntary market in compliance with host national standards that are evolving into host compliance markets. This combination of voluntary and regulatory frameworks ensures the highest levels of accountability, credibility and therefore value in a market making exercise. The same process will be applied to the other ecosystem services in what has to be a shorter gestation period under the Kunming Declaration of 2021.
Navigating impact with experience‚Äč
We have experience in this field dating back to the establishment of the EU ETS in 2005. As a result we have built enduring relationships that facilitate rapid decision making with trust. This steadfast commitment enables us to maximize our positive impact on the environment, local communities and protection of wildlife in a timely manner.
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