We run projects for people and planet.

Our operations are strategically focused at the regional jurisdictional level in Brazil and Indonesia. We are dedicated to the creation of markets aiming to align the supply and demand for nature-based solutions. This integrated effort represents a significant step towards achieving the scale needed to address global environmental challenges.

Much of the world recognizes the importance of meeting net zero by 2050, but nearly all companies with net zero targets will fail to achieve their goals if they don’t, at a minimum, double the pace of emission reductions by 2030. This will need to include both decarbonization efforts and investments in carbon credits to account for emissions that currently cannot be eliminated in full.


Last year Sylvera performed an analysis that showed that companies that purchase carbon credits decarbonize 2x faster than those that don’t. This finding has since been supported in subsequent reports by Trove Research and Ecosystem Marketplace, debunking the myth that organizations buy credits instead of reducing emissions; to the contrary, they do both.
 Moreover, a recent survey conducted by Boston Consulting Group found that carbon credit investors are willing to pay significantly more for credits of demonstrably high quality, underscoring the need to give buyers the data to discern and evaluate quality. As market transparency increases with credit ratings, buyers can invest with more confidence and demand high-quality carbon credits. Source: The State of Carbon Credits 2023 by Sylvera. 

This constructive criticism exposes the prevailing rejection of corporates’ voluntary carbon offset purchases to rational perspective since compliance has yet to be fully established. Convergence of voluntary and compliance markets is still in progress.

Educating people on how science-based targets are being improved and integrated into evolving compliance markets that will drive the energy and nature positive transition as seamlessly as possible within a prescribed trajectory inspires all of us.

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